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Exciting times ahead

Time for an Upgrade! Upgrade!

I always knew it would take time to get a foothold in the film industry over here in New Zealand. Northland is a very small place when you’ve been used to working all over the world. Three years in and with a heap of Covid related barriers to progress things are really moving in the right direction now and I feel that it’s finally time to make the move I’ve been wanting to make since I got here. Ditch the DSLR as my “A” Cam and buy one of the most wanted cameras in the world! Don’t get me wrong using handheld DSLR’s for film work has come a long way over the years but having already spent time using the Sony FS5 Mkii I have seen whet the Sony’s Cinema Line camera’s are capable of.  So this, alongside investing in a whole load of new tech and developing a whole new look to the website (all by myself!).. that’s what I’m excited about!

So here's to 2022 and new adventures!

This camera is so versatile, whether you’re shooting studio work with a lighting team or going run and gun in the great outdoors this camera is built for anything!

Sony FX6 highlights:
  • 4K/120p - 4:2:2 10Bit Internal
  • Variable ND filter
  • Incredible autofocus
  • S-cinetone Colour Science

“I simply cannot wait to get this new piece of kit rigged up on the DJI RS2 gimbal!”

Cover photo courtesy of: Chad Chud (Team on location in the Carribean)

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James Keith
With over a decade of experience the film industry James has worked as a drone pilot and camera operator on film sets and productions of all types, from dramas, documentaries, travel and real estate, corporate brand videos and extreme sports.