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Drone Pilot – Whangarei & Northland

If your looking for a drone pilot around Whangarei or Northland, look no further. Our drone pilot James Keith operated commercially out of the UK for 6 years and in that time filmed in over 40 Countries for a wide range of productions. Now NZ based he has flown hundreds of hours in NZ airspace. We take drone filming to the next level delivering spectacular perspectives.

If your just looking for some aerial photography we’re got you covered, but if you want drone filming we can also provide you some breathtaking aerial footage. Our drones shoot high end RAW Still imagery and 4K LOG video giving you the best dynamic range you can get.

These days nearly every establishing shot in film is achieved by using a drone. It is very important that your audience feels that they are part of the narrative so they’ll need to see a wider perspective of a location before they move in for any close-up action. Drones are one of the best tools we have for creating this effect their unique angles and perspectives will really help to suck your audience in to your film. The bottom line is.. drones and filmmaking go hand in hand nowadays and they are all the rage when it comes to new spectacular images and perspectives.
Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.
A few Aerial Photos we have shot around Whanagrei and Northland:
Our Showreel:
Google map of Location
Picture of James Keith
James Keith
With over a decade of experience the film industry James has worked as a drone pilot and camera operator on film sets and productions of all types, from dramas, documentaries, travel and real estate, corporate brand videos and extreme sports.