Film Production

The art of visual storytelling..

At Blackhawk Film we bring a cinematic approach to the art of content creation, inviting viewers into the art of visual storytelling. Our drive to create captivating and memorable content assures top-tier quality, bringing our clients vision to life.

The film production process is broken down into three key stages which are outlined below, emphasis should always be on working closely with the client at all stages of this process, this ensures the project is always steering in the right direction, and continues to stay on track over time.

Film production in Whangarei, Northland-


The start of any great idea comes from a good discussion. Along with your input, it is our curiosity to explore new and interesting ways to visualise a seamless end product that helps us push boundaries and create storylines that really work. We  look at targeting your businesses or projects goals to construct customised solutions that set the infrastructure for each and every production.

Production Strategy / Creative writing / Storyboard creation / Talent Casting


We bring captivating ideas to life by using a talented crew of experts. From location scouts through to the entire audio and filming process, we pay the utmost attention to every detail to make sure all the moving pieces come together as they should – and hopefully, better than you could have ever imagined. For us, it is our collaboration with you that is the key to making sure this is done right.

Directing / Production – Execution and Logistics Management / Procurement of crew / Location Scouting


The real craftsmanship of our films comes together in the post-production process. It is here that all the time invested thus far really pays off, and we can bring stories to life through an editing process that will deliver beautifully crafted content. Frame by frame, we delve deep into every aspect of the final piece, until we feel absolutely confident it is ready.

Content Editing / Audio Engineering / Motion Graphics / Visual FX / Music research  / Colour grading / Distribution Strategy.

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Fantastic service, super easy to deal with and amazing results! Quality film and drone services from a professional company.

David ParryDroneworks NZ

Clean, crisp, eye catching cinematography and exceptional editing. If you want a professional job you have found the right company.

Adam Lloyd-JonesWhangarei, NZ

Really professional and most of all, the best value for money I’ve ever seen in the industry. Blackhawk Film comes highly recommended.

Sam WoodHami-Mata Consulting, Northland NZ

Excellent service. James was very professional and had an eye for the small details which made for an amazing end product.

David DuPavillonFreedive NZ