Video Editing

Bringing stories to life ..

Post-production is where we really bring stories to life, through a video editing process that will deliver beautifully crafted content. Frame by frame, we delve deep into every aspect of the final piece, until we feel absolutely confident it is ready.

We use Adobe Creative Studio to process our content as we believe it is the best video editing software in the industry.

Video editing in Whangarei, Northland

The video editing process

We generally find that people don’t realise quite what goes into building beautifully crafted video, so we thought we’d break it down onto a video editing timeline so it is easier to explain. We work closely with our clients on all stages of this process making sure they are always up to date on what we’re doing We provide regular reports on progress and send out downloads for visual reference.

Data ingestion (DIT)

All your content is downloaded from the shoot and arranged into neatly organised folders. These folders are then brought into the video editing suite, ready for the first cut.

Music research

To make sure you achieve the right mood to your content we suggest having a good idea of what sort of music you are going to use before we start cutting up the footage. There are a lot of options out there so we are here to help.

Basic assembly

The first stage is a basic assembly of the rushes (first cut). The rushes are the best bits of the best clips. A rushes timeline will give you a very good idea of what footage we have to work with.

Rough cut

This involves removing any unwanted rushes, keeping all the best clips which are then re-organised to fit the given concept of the video.

Fine cut

This is where we really fine tune the edit, cutting specifically to the soundtrack, working on audio engineering (voice and SFX), adding motion graphics, visual FX and then colour grading.

Final cut

This is the last stage in the video editing process. We make any final adjustments to make sure you are completely happy with the end piece.

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Fantastic service, super easy to deal with and amazing results! Quality film and drone services from a professional company.

David ParryDroneworks NZ

Clean, crisp, eye catching cinematography and exceptional editing. If you want a professional job you have found the right company to do it.

Adam Lloyd-JonesWhangarei

Really professional and most of all, the best value for money I’ve ever seen in the industry. Highly recommended.

Sam WoodHami-Mata Consulting, Northland NZ